What is Intercalation Station?

Intercalation Station covers the latest battery news in energy storage research and industry. Whether it’s a new million-mile battery chemistry paper published in a renowned scientific journal, another ground-breaking gigafactory announcement, EV startup IPO, the latest patent dispute, or a heated tweetstorm between your favorite opinionated professors - we analyze and intercalate it straight into your inbox.

Our readers share a love for the nitty-gritty technical details - like whether the lithium-silver alloy anode is really the future of solid-state - and we draw on our experience across industry, venture entrepreneurship, academia, and research to produce content for students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

We love to get meta, bringing in top journalists, executives, and engineers to share their thoughts on the battery field to make sense of the break-neck progress we are all witnessing.

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Publishing schedule

  • Research & Industry: Narrative and commentary on the latest published research, company announcements, and other progress in the battery space

  • Battery Highlights: Sharing other bulletins that caught our attention from around the interwebs: events, startup movements, webinars, jobs, podcasts, etc

  • Community Interviews: Exploring origin stories of how professionals got to where they are in the battery ecosystem.

  • Work in progress (shhh)

👨‍🔬👨‍🔬 About the writers

We are a team of energetic individuals passionate about the battery industry.

Andrew (@ndrewwang) is an engineering science PhD student at the University of Oxford developing Li-ion battery electrolytes. He previously worked on batteries at Bosch & Tesla and solid-state electrolytes at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Nicholas (@nicholasyiu) is an Associate Business Manager helping commercialize research with UCL Business and a Venture Fellow with Berkeley SkyDeck. Previously, he worked on various materials/battery early-stage startups in San Francisco and London.

Ethan (@ethandalter) is a battery scientist with experience at Tesla and a handful of other places. He likes to write about lithium-ion battery recycling and whichever automaker has announced electrification most recently. He is set to join Jeff Dahn’s lab this September for graduate studies.

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