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Jordan Giesige, YouTuber at The Limiting Factor

Jordan runs the YouTube channel ‘The Limiting Factor’ where he’s trying to raise the level of discourse around batteries in the general public and in the investment community.  He hails from small-town Ohio but has been living in New Zealand for 16 years.  

Tell us the Jordan Giesige origin story. How did you become interested in science and engineering, and more specifically in the field of batteries?

I’ve had an interest in science and engineering as early as I can remember. On the science side, my bent was always towards biology.  This is probably why batteries have resonated with me.  They seem like a biological system.  There’s complexity at every level and that complexity is dynamic because of the interactions between energy and matter.  I suppose the complexity and the interaction between matter and energy are ‘magic’ to me and provide a bit of wonder that stirs my curiosity.

On the engineering side, it was a number of things.  My grandfather on my mother’s side was an engineer.  It was my mom who found clever solutions to fixing things around the house. Then, my dad always had educational channels playing on topics like the SR-71 blackbird and the leaps of engineering and materials science it took. Finally, the economy of my local community was driven by agriculture and locally owned factories.  It was solidly settled by Germans, with companies like ‘Crown Lift Trucks’ out of New Bremen and ‘The Minster Machine Company’.  You get the picture.  There was metal and machine oil in the air (quite literally sometimes). 

What are you working on now, and what’s next for you?

For about the last 8 months, I’ve been grinding away on a ‘How a battery works’ video.  There is still probably another month or two to go.  It’s packed pretty densely.  I think the battery community will be able to keep up with it, but I don’t know if the general public will, so I’m a bit nervous about how it will be received.  If nothing else, it will provide a lot of great b-roll!

I’d like to do more interviews later this year.  It’s a great way to get educational material out and is much less time consuming and personable than scripted content.

“The Limiting Factor” has been a roaring success, arguably the best battery YouTube channel today, and you cover a whole range of topics in battery technology ranging from battery science, company strategy, industry expert interviews. What kind of videos do you enjoy doing most, and what news in batteries today is the most interesting to you?

The videos I enjoy the most are breaking down patents.  It’s where the rubber meets the road with science, engineering, economics. Overall, anything that provides ‘missing pieces’ is great.  I love a good Eureka moment. At the moment I’m mostly focused on chemistries that are more conventional and already produced at gigascale, but I’d like to get more into things that are up-and-coming or further afield!  For example, metallised polymer films (and their compatibility with contiguous array electrodes), pre-lithiation at gigascale, solid-state, and transition metal-free cathodes: 

What do you do in your free time to “recharge your batteries”?

For about the past year, there hasn’t been a lot of recharging.  That’s fairly normal for me though.  I’m a busy body and would rather be doing something.  My downtime is spent organising files, accounting, keeping up relationships with other YouTubers, answering questions, or doing business-related things like accounting for the channel. That should change later this year when I move back to the US though and there should be some actual leisure time. I’m usually game for anything whether that’s playing piano, rock climbing, or road trips. I really like acting classes, but they’re often difficult to find. 

If our readers are interested in reaching out for advice or to learn more, how can they reach you?

LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail (, and of course the YouTube channel!


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