ONE YEAR: A Special Message

Introducing some new Intercalation Station projects.

🎉 Intercalation is 1 year old!

Thank you for being a loyal reader of our newsletter, and welcome to all our new readers!

It’s wild to think that what started as a side project during the first month of the UK national lockdown turned into such a large community of battery professionals around the world. We’re so excited that so many of you are just as enthusiastic about batteries as we are.

Our announcement: we’re going paid. Don’t worry, your favorite news updates are not going anywhere. We’ve been working on new content covering deeper aspects of the battery value chain.

The goal is to grow our knowledge base and extend our reach to different segments of the battery world. We want to dive deeper and see wider. Click the button to support us, and read on to learn more about our plans.

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Let’s introduce you to our plans.

📚 New features for all our members

  1. More of our regular news roundup, as well as next-day news summaries like Tesla Battery Day and #VWPowerDay

  2. Tons of new community content, featuring interviews (written and video) and panel discussions with industry experts (example with Prof Shirley Meng, Dr. Christine Ho, & Celina Mikolajczak)

  3. Bigger and juicer stories in the battery world + special analysis pieces

  4. Engage with the vibrant community on “Battery Street” Slack, jointly created by Intercalation Station and Battery Brunch. Sign up here now!

🔋 New features for our paid members (starting soon!)

  1. “Back-of-the-Battery” calculator - join us as we build a simple battery model from the ground up.

  2. One-pager dives into trending battery startups - we track 50+ companies in the space and we’ll be sharing snippets of this!

  3. Members-only stories with deep insight on a wide range of topics

  4. Yet to be announced perks!

We’re always looking for new angles and open to suggestions, send us a note!


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  • Annually at $100/year

  • “Founding Member” at $200/year for our biggest readers since day 1 who want to support us. Founding Members will receive our highest appreciation, and we’ll set up a personal call to get to know each other.

We appreciate your support in the next stage of our expansion. As an offer and a huge thank you to all our readers, we’re offering 25% off for your first year of membership, if you sign up in the next 10 days. Click the button to support us!

Get 25% off for 1 year

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🎯 Our mission

  • Communicate the latest technical research topics to the global audience

  • Inform and clarify real science against sensationalist stories with expert insight

  • Connect the battery community together to support career development

  • Support the environmental movement around climate and green technologies

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About the writers: Andrew is a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford (@ndrewwang). Nicholas is a business manager at UCL Business and Venture Fellow with Berkeley SkyDeck (@nicholasyiu). Ethan is a battery scientist with experience at startups, research labs, and EV manufacturers across the world (@ethandalter).