Mind the Gap (between academia and industry)

A conversation with Cell Siders

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We take a break from our usual newsletters and (virtually) sat down with the Cell Siders team. We had a great conversation about bringing academics and industry together, how the SPAC attack might be an overall positive for the industry, and some of the challenges that lie between the battery lab and the EV dealer lot. We hope you enjoy this podcast issue!

Cell Siders is a podcast about the business and technology of batteries from the cell side of things. Thank you to the hosts Jordi Sastre, Ben Feddersen and Mr. Lithium for having us.

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About the writers:

Andrew is a PhD researcher at the University of Oxford (@ndrewwang). Nicholas is a business manager at UCL Business and Venture Fellow with Berkeley SkyDeck (@nicholasyiu). Ethan is a battery scientist with experience at startups, research labs, and EV manufacturers across the world (@ethandalter).